Custom Programming

programmingBizClaw teams with its clients to provide state-of-the-art business-specific solutions. Three case studies below explain how BizClaw has helped different types of businesses reach higher revenue streams using custom software solutions.Some of the technologies we use are PHP, Javascript, Java, JQuery, C#, C++, Visual Basic, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and others. We write native applications for Web Based cloud solutions including Classic ASP, ASP.NET, SharePoint and other server platforms. BizClaw also writes mobile and desktop style applications for Android, IOS, and Microsoft Windows client/server.Our expertise also includes many years of Project Management, Application Design, Workflow and Relational Database design. Part of our application design philosophy is work place automation. We create “Rules Based” systems that make most of the business decisions based on each client’s specific rules and business methodologies to enforce how the end user manages their individual activities. This may include full audit logging of events, multiple levels of security, encryption of sensitive data, maintaining HIPPA regulations, management reporting, and timely notification of exceptions and events.BizClaw Technologies assigns a team to meet your specific needs and budget.

Case Studies


Dumpster Depot

BizClaw was approached by Dumpster Depot top executives who were looking to automate their work process, reduce the need for paper forms, and be able to get real time reporting through a single sign-on software. Using wireless technologies, GPS, and custom software solutions, BizClaw was able revolutionize Dumpster Depot’s entire work flow. Dumpster Depot now uses fleet management in real time to manage their dumpster deliveries and pickups. They are also able to better track their inventory location, improve driver roductivity, and reduce the turnaround time in retuning unused dumpsters into service. As a result of BizClaw’s custom software solution, Dumpster Depot has been able to see an exponential increase in their profit margin while improving container use. Another side benefit for the company was their capability of logging all Department of Transportation-required information in real time.

Concept HR

Concept HR is a payment processing company with national operations.. They needed a portable application that allowed HR staff to consult with their business customers regarding rates in real time. BizClaw created a portable quote system that allows Concept HR customers to review rates immediately during consultation, and sends copies of the quote to management and Concept HR representatives simultaneously.As a result, Concept HR’s earnings and close ratio has reached new heights using BizClaw’s custom solutions!

Ramjack Foundation Repair

Ramjack Foundation Repair services approached BizClaw to help them better manage their new customers for both franchises and corporate. BizClaw created a custom work flow that gathers both commercial and residential customer information and provides the ability to follow that customer through job assignment to job close with customer and contractor feedback. The overall Ramjack custom software solution provides the ability for Ramjack to manage the quality of their work for both the customer and the contractor and helped Ramjack improve their customer experience overall.