Mobile Apps

Apps - Tile Icons on Smart PhoneMobile applications are becoming more important every day in the business world. BizClaw Technologies recognizes this fact and has the staff to design and write native mode mobile app development in South Carolina for Android phones and tablets and Apple iPhones and tablets. These applications interface with your home-based servers and staff in a real time environment. For a more generic approach, BizClaw can write responsive websites that scale to the target device being used. This gives the appearance of a mobile app and works for most mobile platforms from a single source. The advantage of a native app is being able to have direct access to all of the devices sensors including GPS, camera, SMS Texting and other sensors and functions included in the physical device.

An example of using a mobile app is having a field representative take a photo using their phone, have the app grab the photo, time and GPS coordinates and attach all of this information including any comments by the representative to your client data automatically in real time.

Another example is having a sales person in the field capture sales data for a new client, get the client’s approval signature and payment information, automatically generate a PDF contract and have the entire package emailed direct to the client and a notification sent to the processing department for scheduling.

The possibilities are endless and the improvement to your company’s productivity, client satisfaction and bottom line are measurable.